Suriname is the smallest country in South America and is inhabited by 500.000 people whose ancestors came from far. It is the greenest country in the world and has a multicultural society. More than 17 languages are spoken and a Synagogue besides a mosque makes Suriname a real gem in the world. If you’re searching for a great nature and culture experience with delicious food, Suriname is the place to be

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Ten years ago Reginald Wiratma, a nature lover started, working as a guide, mostly in the interior of Suriname. In the Amazon Rainforest he met the Amer-Indians and Maroons. In 2014 “the Wiratma brothers”, started ‘We Love Suriname Tours and Services’. Famous for their Adventure tours and cooking skills, the brothers try to give tourists more than they bargain for.


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  • Fantastic tour guidance! Good food and very pleasant atmosphere!
  • We had a wonderful adventurous journey. Worth repeating! Nice tours and good service. Thank you, Regi and Co!
  • Lovely easter holidays with We love suriname tours and services.

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